A Fun Journey into Asian Cuisine & Sustainable Living

Chopstick Champion is a fun, ground-breaking game that delivers a dynamic educational experience beyond entertainment.

This multi-faceted game offers captivating gameplay while improving players’ understanding of contemporary topics. Users of the app discover Asia’s culinary and cultural heritage, from traditional dishes to foods of the future, all while learning about ratios and risk-to-reward decisions. The game features a cast of compelling historical characters and their efforts to fundamentally shape the countries of Asia.

Underneath the app’s fun minute-to-minute gameplay is a progressive environmental message. This unique game increases global awareness of eco-friendly lifestyles and how individual actions can lead to a ripple that fundamentally alters the bigger picture.


Experience a Different Culture

Meet some of Asia's most notable, influential, and interesting historical figures. Obtain traditional accessories as you hone your chopstick abilities. Learn about the growth of traditional chopsticks and master their techniques.

Authentic Asian Cuisine

Explore dishes and delicacies from the far corners of the Asian continent. Gameplay reflects Asia’s modern and past culinary demands, but also explores new trends. First class illustrations and graphics depict oriental dishes in all their magnificence.

An Enlightening Learning Experience

Learn about sustainable, green supply chains and production methods. The game reveals the environmental damage inflicted by demand for non-reusable chopstick production. Players discover a cleaner, healthier, and planet-friendly diet through engaging gameplay.